China is already becoming the main focus of the global yacht market. With its blue skies, clear waters and endless summer, Sanya is sure to be the crucial point of this development. VTY’s mission is to take the highly specialized repair, refit and maintenance skills developed by the Italian yachting industry and bring them to the Chinese market to offer the most professional and reliable after-sales service to the local boat owners. The existing facility is only the first step in the long road that will take the company brand to be recognized as the number one provider of yacht service in the Asia-Pacific region. Another 66.000 m² service center, dedicated to servicing super and mega yachts of up to 80 meters (260 ft.), is scheduled for opening in Sanya Yacheng area by the end of 2015, and even more facilities are being planned for the next few years with the target of establishing a region-wide network.